Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teaching the Word to my kids

I love seeing my kids learn and when I get to be a part of that learning process it makes it more special for me. This summer my kids and I have decided to work on Bible Studies. I got a cool Bible study for the book of John where the kids act as if they are making a movie from this book. Yesterday we started and made a mock story board on Chapter one. Today we looked at our "script" the book of John and we worked on looking for key terms to focus on. My son who is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD actually sat through it all and was so into the lesson. I am so proud of him. My daughters are excited about being directors in the movie of the life of Jesus. I know when they are older they will remember these times with mom and how they learned about the life and sacrifice our our Lord and Savior. And I know when I grow old I will look back at this time fondly.

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  1. That is a cool way to teach your children the word of God! I pray my future children will be active like that. You have a beautiful family.